The Christmas Post

One of the reasons that makes it hard for me to leave this industry is the fact that I am constantly surrounded by positive vibes. Take Geoff and Amanda for example, to see Geoff boyishly light up whenever Amanda is around, and to witness Amanda showering him with adoration visible in her eyes, I can’t help but believe that the local stereotypes of couples getting hitched for the sake an apartment is wrong. Honeymoon period one might assume? Not all, I’ve seen couples together from 1/2 a month to 1/2 a decade before the proposal. In a way, working in the studio shelters one from the outside tabloids of whether profits are made from wedding dinners (via the Chinese tradition of money given to the couple in a red packet), or what the return of investment would be on the flat after 5 years. I’ve met many skeptics who regard marriages as such.

Yet to witness an unspoken bond between my couples, get invitations to the baby shower of their 2nd child, or like Chris’ couple Jack and Anna coming back for their 10th anniversary shoot, it will lighten up any pessimist. Granted I’ve witnessed squabbles and bickers, if there weren’t then the phrase “through sickness and in health” would be obsolete. Most relationships get stronger when couples persevere through hard times together, no?

Since the festive season have arrived, and I hope I’m not the only one constantly humming Christmas carols these past weeks, we would like to share our love and joy with everyone as how our couples have graciously shared their happiness with us.

To all our readers, Feliz Navidad! Have a blessed Christmas and a wonderful New Year!

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