Ang Pow Charity

Amongst the things to look forward to during Chinese New Year is exchanging your old, tattered notes with fresh, crisp ones from the bank. It is one of the many preparations to celebrate the arrival of Spring, that and of course getting ready the Ang Pows (red packets) to keep them in. In the midst of the bustle, don’t forget to give a little back to charity. Chris Ling Photographers is helping Redpacket distribute their custom designed Ang Pows at $5 per pack. A portion of it will go to our adopted charities. Do contact us to place your orders payable through cash or cheque.

  1. corporate singapore is so industrial...zzzz says: January 30, 20094:31 pm

    Nice designs!

  2. Fellow Singaporean Photographer says: July 9, 200910:53 am

    I always prefer the packets in colors other than red! Nice work.

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