Chris – Charles & Aileen

Photography isn’t all about a static picture or a group shot anyone with a digital camera can do, it’s also the feel and the language of the image. Couples would of course scrutinize their features first when it comes to their pre-wedding pictures, nevertheless they need not be in any artistic industry to know when an image speaks out to them. Disregarding right or wrong stereotypes, Chris has a knack for playing around with his composition and colours ever since he first started shooting. For those who are familiar with his various styles, they will also find that he likes tweaking saturation and contrast to create images with a punch.

Ending off on a different note, I have to post this image:

Why? Because it’s all about the feeling and I’m a shoe girl wanting to share my drools over Aileen’s Manolos with other shoe girls (Charles commented how they should sell the picture to Manolo and get the cost of the shoe back!).

Charles and Aileen’s album is back from my designer’s and I can finally extract a couple of shots of Charles. Here’s the big man himself, in all his charisma.

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  1. Victor says: March 22, 20094:17 am

    These photographs are really fantastic… Congrats & best wishes to the both of you!!!

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