Promotion – Overseas Photography: Macau/Hong Kong

Macau has been developing herself aggressively of late, wanting to bring a taste of Vegas to our regional shores. For those who wish to have a diverse touch of Asian and European backdrops to your pre-wedding album, it’s now a 4 hour plane ride away and 1/4 the cost.

In conjunction with our expansion to Hong Kong, Chris is offering 10 packages at an amazing rate of $2888 inclusive of:

– 1 day shoot in Macau (images below) or Hong Kong
– Photographer’s air ticket and accommodation
– Album with the a CD of the selected images

All you need to do is secure your package and fly yourselves over. Departure dates will be scheduled during the first and last week of the months in 2009, and the promotion is limited to 10 couples. Location fees and transportation costs will be borne by the couple. You’re more then welcome to contact us for further details!

  1. judy says: April 7, 200910:26 am

    What is the album consist of?
    Is only photo selected for album is returned?
    I believe we have to bring our own gown?
    Is MUA arranged by you?

    Looking forward to ur reply.

    Thank you!


  2. arvinna lee says: April 8, 20097:56 pm

    Hi Judy, just sent the details over. Thanks!

  3. PC says: April 9, 200910:07 pm

    Hi Chris

    sorry, i am not singaporean, not sure the practice in singapore.

    Would like to know more details about the package.

    what currency of $2888 in?
    How many photo included? how much time it takes to complete the album? How large is the album?
    How’s the arrangement of the photo-taking. e.g. gown, travel in HK / Macau, MUA, accessories?
    Locations are up to discussion or decided by you?
    Any extra charge will be imposed?

    Many Thanks,

  4. MS says: April 11, 200911:39 pm


    We are both Sporeans working in HK and we have seen your work before! 🙂 We will be more than happy to coincide our photoshoot with another trip you may be making here. Any chance of offering a better package?

    Few Qn:
    – How many pics (and how many pics will be touched-up editorially);
    – How many pgs in the album;
    – Which locations in HK have you taken wedding pics before (it will be great if you can send me a link to some of your previous work in HK);
    – Any other charges;
    – Is Chris Ling the assigned photographer?


  5. arvinna lee says: April 13, 20099:21 pm

    Hi, I have just emailed the inclusions and answers to your questions. Many thanks!

  6. KW says: April 14, 20095:25 pm

    Hi, I’m based in HK and have the same questions as MS.

    Some additional questions:

    1) Do you return soft copy of all pics taken in addition to edited pics?
    2) Could you put together a slideshow of pre-wedding pics? How much time is required?


  7. arvinna lee says: April 15, 20094:30 pm

    Hi KW, I’ve sent a reply with the details. Many thanks!

  8. JC says: April 16, 20096:00 pm


    I’ll like to find out more about the package.

    What size is the album? How many pgs and images selected? What is the duration of the shoot? Does it include the MUA and transportation in HK? How much do I have to top up if I wish to have all images returned?

    Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks!

  9. FL says: April 16, 20099:18 pm

    Hi Please send me more details on this package:
    -the album
    – MUA provided?
    – estimated date of photshoot


  10. arvinna lee says: April 17, 20097:49 pm

    Hi, I’ve replied to both, do check your inbox. Many thanks!

  11. Eva says: April 21, 20091:21 am


    Would like to find out more about the Macau photoshoot.

    Please send me the details on eg. gown, MUA, transport etc.


  12. arvinna lee says: April 24, 20097:08 pm

    Hi Eva, details sent. Thanks!

  13. liping says: May 12, 20099:58 pm

    hi my fiance and i would like to enquire more abt macau/HK PS.
    no. of photos in an album, gown etc. Pls email me the details. Thanks.

  14. arvinna lee says: May 13, 20091:04 pm

    Hi Liping, I’ve just emailed the details. Thanks!

  15. seline says: May 13, 20091:37 pm

    Hi, can I have more details on the package?

  16. arvinna lee says: May 16, 20094:02 pm

    Hi Seline, details sent. Many thanks!

  17. Esther says: June 20, 20092:14 am


    Can i have full details as per the above requests? Who is the MUA (portfolio?), album size and pages

    The locations. Is our own accomodation to be arranged by us? Or do you have suggestions?

    Also, are there estimates on transport costs etc… thanks!

  18. arvinna lee says: June 21, 20093:05 pm

    Hi Esther, sure thing, email has been sent!

  19. Thomas says: July 3, 20091:31 pm

    Hi, please send me more details on the gowns, mua, photos, etc.


  20. arvinna lee says: July 4, 20094:54 pm

    Hi Thomas, sure, details sent. Thanks!

  21. Phoebe says: July 5, 200911:19 am

    Hi, my husband and i will be in Macau from 16th to 19th July. Plan to have a photographer to take our photos at few famous spots in Macau. 3-4 famous spots will do and a total of 20 pics. How much will it cost?

    Also, how much will it cost if the photo session is inclusive of 1 gown, make up and hair do (simple one)?

  22. arvinna lee says: July 6, 20094:13 pm

    Hi Phoebe, I’ve sent the information over. Do have a look, many thanks.

  23. Leslie Tan says: January 11, 20114:51 pm

    Hi, the $2888 package is in what currency? Where are you based? How long will be the shoot? What locations do you usually recommend? If we do a HK and Macauy shoot, how much is the package? Thanks

  24. Boeing says: February 21, 201111:20 pm

    Please send me email regarding detail and price list for the package shoot in HK/Macau. Thanks!

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