We have 2 updates to announce.

First, we would like to introduce our subsidiary company, CL Studio. CL Studio is now an up and running division of Chris Ling Photographers housing pre-wedding photographers trained by Chris. Currently, 2 photographers made the cut. We would like to congratulate Dick and Jeffery, both now carry Chris’ photography DNA coupled with their own flair. Chris Ling Photographers will continue to showcase the works of our renowned seniors and CL Studio packages will be priced lower. CL Studio has also fully taken over the photography department of 2 Tanjong Pagar bridal boutiques, Santiago Bridal Studio and Z Wedding D’sign. Do find Dick and Jeffrey’s photography below and feel free to share your views.

Secondly, Chris Ling Photographers will officially be going international. To kick start, our Hong Kong branch will be ready in the next month. This equates to wonderful cost savings for couples wanting overseas photography. We also have been sourcing for photographers on an international scale, so do look out for exciting new concepts and images by photographers from Hong Kong, Shanghai, Australia etc. in the future.

  1. Gracia says: August 9, 20091:14 pm

    Hi, your pictures look great! Alvin and I are looking to do our pre-wedding overseas. Are you currently having any packages for pre-wedding shoot in Australia? Please send me the details if you do. Thanks!!

  2. arvinna lee says: August 12, 200910:48 am

    Hi Gracia, yes we do, and I’ve sent the details over. Many thanks!

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