Chris – Wilson & Jennifer

For Jennifer & Wilson, they had managed to secure Forbidden City in Clarke Quay as one of their locations. With opulent oriental settings and richly coloured backdrops, Michelle Hui Min’s (Bridal Veil) gown also accentuates the mood of the whole image. Jennifer played the part of a classic beauty to a tee and Wilson also exuded an abundance of character. Sometimes pictures are more alluring then words.

  1. Elaine says: April 29, 20099:18 pm


  2. Michael says: May 1, 200911:19 am

    One of my friend had Chris Ling as her photographer a few years back and I was thinking of taking Chris for my pre-wedding as I love his high fashion style. But his style seems to have taken a darker twist recently, his recent pictures seem to be kind of dark. Did he chose to shoot this way or was it post-processing?

  3. arvinna lee says: May 8, 20092:41 am

    Sorry for the late reply! Been trying to fix up our internet, the construction nearby might have disrupted some cables.

    The above haven’t been through much post-processing, Chris has only tweaked the contrast and saturation to his style. The images he presents are in a more neutral tone so that editing, touch ups and creative directions can be easier done in the album.

    You are right though, his recent works have been slightly darker. Of course, he doesn’t treat all the images as such, some natural images are shot with a brighter feel.

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