Not Quantity

Cinematography has always inspired photographers. If Hollywood has intensive CG blockbusters, the Hong Kong industry has breathtaking compositions. Think Wong Kar Wai and 2046, or Maggie Cheung in her classic Cheongsams. They know how to convey beauty and grace in moving or still pictures.

On the topic of movies, Chris suddenly mentioned Sniper, the one with Richie Ren that opened a couple months back. Now how does it relate at all? Sniper? I quizzed with an “are you ok” look on my face.

To which he explained that experienced photographers won’t need to burst fire 100 times to get the 1 perfect shot. You don’t need to produce 1000 photos for your clients to choose. Done right, shortlist a hundred or so and couples won’t be boggled by too many pictures. Since he’s been shooting for so long, he’s used to getting that one picture in its perfect composition and desired style with one shot. Sniper, he affirms, not machine gun.

After all, wouldn’t couples prefer to take home the pictures they truly treasure rather than hundreds of empty shells?

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