Overseas Feature – Female Brides Spring 2009

I received a call from Allyson, the editor of Female Brides, months back. She wanted to do an article on overseas photography by Chris, and she also needed help on which other photographers are popular in the market. I mentioned the other big 3 that Chris started out with in the 90s. But she wanted more towards 2000s, so I gave her another reputable 4. I had some amusing reactions when I told my colleagues how I willingly shared information, but I will insist on giving recognition where it is due. This industry being small as it is, our individual strengths will flourish prominently and our clients understand that. The last thing we need is to undermine everyone else, that’s just immature.

Female Brides Spring 2009 issue is already out in the news stands (months back in fact but it had totally slipped my mind until I was going through my old emails). They also have an online version.

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