We have created a news, events and promotions page at www.chrisling.com/news to consolidate our growing number of packages and promotions. From bridal boutique events down to lifestyle photography packages, we will be shifting most of our latest package updates here. The grid and category format is easier for everyone to access.

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Terry and Cindy are our couple from our Hong Kong branch, they signed up our Singapore package during one of our Hong Kong fairs. Funny couple, it was thoroughly enjoyable going out with them. Instead of us entertaining them, they made us laugh oh so many times.

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For those who want it all, and there are many of you, here are the different post production hues we have created for Alvin and Adora’s album. We shot it on neutral settings first, some even underexposed, so that we can add the filters on later.

Higher contrast saturations spike up the fun:


Greens and cyans provide a cool, refreshing feel.


Yellows more often then not will give you a warm undertone, these are the type of filters that can make your heart croon to Barry White:



The boss’ photos do not require post production techniques, his shooting style is different from our team’s. For the rest of the special requests, we actually have a dedicated department to do post production colours, and it’s a very a steep learning curve. Some professional colourists (advertisements, commercial videos to feature films) have honed their crafts for 15 years before they see the gold at the end of the rainbow. And that pot can bring them anywhere between $25,000 to $75,000 per job. Career switch anyone?

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The last installment from our Ubin trip. Kelly nearly had a heat stoke under the sometimes punishing Singapore humidity, but all is well in the end and I believe they did enjoy themselves immensely. At least they told me so.

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Our apologies for making you put up with a blank journal space the previous days. We were in the midst of migrating our data to an upgraded server. In the end, exporting our old WordPress entries turned out to be very simple steps, but the finding out was the journey that gave me a coding headache. Which I in turn gave our server guy, Boon, a headache. I only know the very basics you see, but I now at least come out knowing more then the basics. I’ll speak for everyone when I say all of us here have that pursuit of knowledge (be it by choice or not!), and it would be nice if we can continue sharing our growth with you.

I shall punctuate with Wee Teik and Angie’s dramatic stairwell shot, a bit of a break after showcasing our many candied shots, done by our team that is Chris Ling photographers.

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Kelly & Reuben, our photogenic couple for 2010, was finally able to fly down from Hong Kong to get their pre-wedding photography done. Here’s a trailer of their delightful trip to Ubin.



We’ll be posting the remainder on our pages after polling day (Singapore’s General Elections) on 7th May.

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Our Photogenic Couple contest is back for 2011, and this year it is bigger then the last! We will be holding it at both our Hong Kong and Singapore studios on two different Sundays. The mechanics are the same as last year’s, only this time round you would need to submit your image to your respective countries:




1) Resize 1 image of you and your partner to less then 500kb.


2) Email it to your respective country –

For Hong Kong couples: hongkong@chrisling.com

For Singapore couples: singapore@chrisling.com


Along with your details –


Couple’s name:

Contact number:

Wedding date:


3) Deadline for all submissions is 20/6/11. Shortlisted couples will be notified by 30/6/11.




1) Shortlisted couples will attend a quick photoshoot at our respective studios on these dates:


For Hong Kong couples – 10/7/11 at Shek Mun, NT

For Singapore couples – 17/7/11 at Saunders Road


2) Images will be published on our Facebook page by end July. The number of votes plays a part on the final decision on who the winning couple of each country will be.




The chosen winners will receive a free conceptual photo shoot and be the models for our Winter 2011 or Spring 2012 portfolio! The shoot date is advised to be during the 2nd half of 2011 or early 2012, the concept will also be confirmed then.


For enquiries, please email:

Hong Kong couples – info@chrisling.com

Singapore couples – enquiries@chrisling.com


Good luck!

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We have added more images to Joey and May’s Beijing album, on top of 3 works from our Hong Kong team. On another note, we’re also in Hong Kong this weekend for the wedding fair. Do drop by and visit our booth!

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The last installment in recording our time with Ronald and Widyana. You can view our YouTube alternate here, and the rest of their still images can be viewed on our FB album here.





Ronald, it’s good to see your matches aren’t limited to the badminton courts. Widyana’s definitely a keeper, stay happy you two.


With congratulations,



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Style Weddings Singapore had requested we furnish them with some images reminiscent of the mid 1900s, complete with the grainy texture of years old photographs. Most of the times we edit the “old photo” effect during post production, because most of the times we shoot on digital:



And the above was derived from it’s original:



For die hard fans of vintage prints, you can achieve the desired effect by shooting on film. For really die hard fans, try personally washing it in a darkroom.

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