The candid,



the vintage,



and the formal.


More images uploaded onto our Facebook album.

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I remember Chris telling me how Singapore Bride’s Chin Leng and himself had gone a long way back. Reading Chin Leng’s first entry on his new blog about how he started one of the most frequented bridal portal in Singapore placed a personal element to the site, it was very pleasant. I also realised another thing: It’s been 11 years already. Then I counted back to when Chris embarked on his own studio in 1993, oh  my it’s been 19 years for him already.


Well, the months will continue making the years regardless of what we do, so let’s make the days as rewarding as possible.


Link: 11 Years and Counting

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Sanjay & Jing Jing: ROM by Chief Photographer Max Yeo

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Siew Peng had a darling little boy 5 years back.





Now he’s all grown up.





With a new little sister.



I wonder if her little boy recognises Uncle Chris.

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Earth Hour - Logo


We’ll make sure to leave our studio by 8pm.

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Gregory Colbert plunged himself into traveling the world for 10 years, breathing places such as Namibia, Burma, Dominica, Antartica and so forth. To quote Colbert, he had wanted to “explore the relationship between man and animals from the inside out”. During this time, he had never released any images.

In 2002, he launched the largest solo exhibition in Italy, Ashes and Snow, at the Venice Arsenale. After which, he brought his aptly termed nomadic museum to New York, Santa Monica, Tokyo and Mexico City. To date, it is the most attended solo exhibition, attracting a total of over 10 million visitors according to it’s wikipedia entry. Describing his images as captivating is an understatement, and we would like to share our finds with you; what inspires us, what drives us, and a reminder that good work will speak for itself. None of Colbert’s images are digitally enhanced. The photographic prints are created through an encaustic process on Japanese paper.


It may be wishful thinking, but I do hope Ashes and Snow comes closer to home. I will be willing to set up tent and park myself at the ticketing office the night before. Metaphorically speaking, that is.


Ashes and Snow


Image copyright Gregory Colbert

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Our Hong Kong team’s last Paris Trip.

More images have been uploaded on our Facebook album.

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This is the first part of 3 HD stories we intend to do for Ronald Susilo and Widyana Mulia.


Our HD Short Stories department is still young (it’s not to be confused with our actual wedding day videos), and we’re still experimenting with stabilising movements and post production colours. Words would not be a lost endeavor, since yours truly would be writing and scripting them. I guess with fresh minds prodding into a department we have never on a full scale attempted, and especially since Chris has informed us not to stress on whether it’s commercially viable (a.k.a. “can sell or not”), you can expect something not on a typical wedding linear. Our aim is simply to archive our behind-the-scenes for your entertainment, document what the Chris Ling experience is about, and to create short clips just because we can. And because it’s really fun.


Vimeo allows us to upload higher resolution videos. Our vimeo channel:


For those who may experience loading difficulties, do visit our YouTube channel instead:


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