Here’s a peak of Chris’ first shoot in our latest studio setting.

Flowers, and more flowers, and some more flowers. With a chair.

Leonard, I would love to have featured you as well, but I think, and you might agree, that your lovely Shannah kind of stole the limelight.

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It’s always heartwarming to receive calls from our previous couples, some coming back for anniversary shoots like Quan Hui and Li Ying:

And most recently Alex & Mei Peng (Chris’ couple 2005) with their darling princess.

More pics of their family on our Facebook album.

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Here are snippets of Tji Hun & Xiao En’s wedding day by our advanced photographer Aloysius Chua. We’ll start to feature more of our advanced and senior photographer’s works alongside our Chief photographers Max & Eugene.

Pardon me if I sound cheesy, but seeing them immersed in each other makes my heart squeal. With warmth of course.

The rest of the images can be found on their Facebook album on our page.

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Cheng Hwee and Eden’s wedding is coming up pretty soon, and their album is in production as we speak. I’d like to share some of their images Chris had taken of them through our Facebook albums. For Cheng Hwee & Eden, a very endearing couple if I may say so.

Another album that intrigued me was one by our CL Studio division, taken by Dick. Kevin and Luanne wanted to go for truly off the track styles, tighter cropping and ultra bold directions. Interesting, don’t you think? I take their album would be quite daring.

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Our latest Hong Kong fair: 59th Summer Wedding Service & Banquet Expo

Do find us at HKCEC, Hall 3, from 4th June to 6th June. Booth No. K07-K12 (2nd Row).

We will be featuring our latest works and new albums. Overseas promotional packages are also available. See you there!

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We had recently done another fashion spread for a magazine and in the interim also changed one of our settings. Here’s a peek of the area in action:

And here’s the result:

Flowers, flowers and more flowers basking under natural light from our window.

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It had been a wonderful ride with Larry & Carman, full of warmth and laughter. Here’s the third and final installation of their pre-wedding photography: Skyy’s take on Angkor Wat. Of course, our friendship with Larry & Carman won’t end here, we’ll always keep in contact with them. Larry still pings Skyy, telling her how they’re having sleepless nights in anticipation of their photo selection. They’d have a good 400 odd minimum to view!

Larry and Carman, hang in there! Do find more of your images on our page.

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While doing post production on the Cambodia images, Skyy noticed a little image on one of the backdrops. Can you spot a heart shaped tree?

It amused us so very much. Was it a tree groomed into a heart by the Cambodian tourism board? Maybe it was a tongue in cheek attempt to brighten Angkor Wat.

Zooming in, it turned out to be 3 palm trees, 2 taller ones with shorter middle palm, exactly aligned from our angle to create the shape of a heart.

Did I mention it amused us so very much?

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I’ll let the images speak for itself.

More can be viewed on our Angkor Wat Facebook album for Larry and Carman.

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There have been many nicknames given to Larry, The popular ones being Mr Nice Guy and Mr Surprise. Mr Surprise would be our favorite, and it always astounds us how he knows no limits just to put a smile on Carman. They met Chris and team during the Hong Kong fair and took to our photography immediately. Engaging us for 2 overseas photography shoots, Singapore and Cambodia, the Cambodia shoot was to be covered by both Chris and Skyy, whereas the Singapore one would be done by our CL Studio division. Larry then secretly arranged for Chris to take over the Singapore shoot instead, and the look on Carman’s face when she turned up at our Orchard studio was priceless. How I wish it could be recorded down!

Here are excerpts of their Singapore shoot, at No.5 Emerald Hill Cocktail Bar, Luxe Car Rental (Ferrari) and National Museum:

The remaining have been uploaded onto our Facebook album.

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