Thank you, one and all, for your participation. As much as we would like to accommodate everyone at our studio on 11/7/10 for the 2nd round of the competition, we truly regret to say that we are not unable to shoot all the 100 odd entries that came in.

As such, we have shortlisted 24 couples and informed them via email.

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We have created another album to showcase the personal side of our photographer’s work. While “The Fun Side” features our behind-the-scenes craziness, “Journeys and Landscapes” will showcase their passion for photography in areas other then wedding portraitures or conceptual shoots.

Be it for our wedding couples or photography enthusiasts, we’re simply glad to have the opportunity to share our photography with the community through the ease of online social medias. Not to mention the “likes” we receive, that truly brings a smile to our hearts!

As an introduction to Larry & Carman’s Cambodia shoot, we have uploaded imageries of Angkor Wat.

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There have been many requests to see works from our CL Studio division and Hong Kong division. As such, I’ve posted up more FB albums of their work. Hong Kong division also created a conceptual piece for Samuel & Karen, inspired by Wong Kar Wai’s In The Mood For Love. We have titled it Shanghai Jazz, crooning to a 50s tune of a bygone oriental charm. Do find some images posted on our page, and also the full series on our “Conceptual” tab, under “Shanghai”, at our main website.

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Jason & Yuki are also our Hong Kong couple who traveled to Japan for their shoot. They had engaged both Chris and Skyy to cover their pre-wedding on the same day, and that was when Chris was inspired to create a street style fashion photography (previous entry) to compliment Skyy’s bold compositions (Jason & Yuki Facebook album).

We have also posted up a few of our own images taken in Japan (The Fun Side Facebook album).

What else is in store? Keep a look out for our Cambodia trip images, it will not disappoint.

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Chris and Alice flew in from Hong Kong for their pre-wedding with Eugene and are now eagerly awaiting to select their images come June.

The both of them are such an enthusiastic couple and were very much looking forward to their shoot with Eugene, I hope they had a good time. Thank you, Alice, for supporting us with so much gusto! We’ll be sure to catch up with you again in Hong Kong.

In the meantime, here’s a glimpse of Eugene behind the scenes:

And of Alice and myself, for her holiday memories.

More of their pre-wedding images are available on our Facebook album.

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Here are more links to uploads of Eugene’s photography for Wayne & Borin and Kenneth & Joy.

Wayne & Borin

Kenneth & Joy

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Tji Hun & Xiao En, it’s so easy to love them and their concept album is worth sharing. We can’t wait to see the final print.

The rest of their images (wacky, fashion, endearing, you name it they handled it) can be seen on our Facebook album.
They also went through the trouble to make a little (well, rather large actually) card for us! We don’t mean to brag about the cards we receive, but not featuring our couple’s cards just don’t seem right to after the effort they went through. Thank you Tji Hun & Xiao En!

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We have just sent out a newsletter on our Chris Ling Privilege bundle promotions. Should you have just subscribed and missed out on the info, just drop us an email and we’ll forward the newsletter to you. Have a great weekend everyone!

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Our first Tokyo trip went splendidly. The bustle, the city life and the Sakuras, Japan always infuses it’s strong cultural traditions with remarkable street scenes. You can’t help but feel like you’re in the middle of two great oceans converging seamlessly.

Chris’ next style of shooting street fashion photography for wedding portraiture was thus inspired. It is akin to high fashion, but it adds a certain raw edge to the composition. If Alexander McQueen, Y-3 or True Religion are a commonplace in your vocabulary, then you’re a street fashionista.

Jason and Yuki loved it, they were game for edgy shots.

And here are Kwok Ho & Amy, he did more natural compositions for them.

The rest of their images, in colour as well, are uploaded on our Facebook albums.

Tokyo photography packages are also available on promotion at SGD3888. Hong Kong clients can also opt to look for us during our next fair in June. Departure dates: August 2010.

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We are fortunate, indeed, to have the luxury of a house in Singapore which we can convert spaces into settings. Not to mention a budget set aside to revamp them. With the trend now being post production done in an outdoor environment, what happened to good ‘ol props and lighting? Recent requests for quotations on studio only photography goes to show the art of lighting hasn’t been forgotten, and we have now specially created a promotional package for this. All two and a half floors of good ‘ol props and lighting.

The Studio, Photography by Chris or Skyy: $1588

More spreads of our Studio Book can be viewed on our Facebook album.

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