Over the years, my wedding photography work allowed me to do extensive globe trotting. I have been to many countries and took the opportunity to research which areas are safe for my couples. The wonderlust never stops, and I don’t intend for it to stop.


Although my time now heavily involves training and business development for my studio, it does not mean I disregarded the travel bug. In fact, now more so then ever, my camera and I will pack light and fly off to destinations I have not explored yet. Apart from indulging in my passion for street and black & white photography, I also take these travels as research to whether it is also viable to bring wedding couples over.

For overseas wedding photography, these three things are key:

1. Safety – The last thing a happy wedding couple should worry about is whether they are in danger!
2. Convenience – Transportation within the locations should be easily arranged. Especially when heavy equipment and essential belongings are being brought out.
3. Accessibility – The terrain should not be difficult for the bride to navigate in her gown. In addition, whether the gown would get dirty easily have to be considered as well.
4. Comfort – Whether the climate is cool enough for couples, and if there are amenities available.

From the road side cafes in Rome to the tree house residences in Chang Mai, I had managed to fulfill many things on my travel bucket list. The latest adventure I had was in Bagan, an ancient city located in the Mandalay region of Myanmar. There, I traveled around on an electronic bicycle and felt no danger at all. It was a deep cultural experience with warm and welcoming people.

My journey will continue as and when I can take time off. Travel and exploration have always been a passion that I can share with my couples. Feel free to follow me on my Instagram account @chrisling50 for more images, and may you also never stop exploring!

– Chris








View more photos on our Facebook album (link here).

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Here at Chris Ling, we never tire to produce different concepts for our couples. This is a creative process that involves all our photographers, including Chris himself. Let’s further discuss how it is actually done so that you can have a better understanding of our foundation.

Consistency is the key to our success! It is essential that we take one day a month to gather the team and go out for a shoot. Yes indeed, everyone has to be involved so that all the photographers can familiarize themselves with new skill sets or shooting styles. In this manner, when one couple asks for a certain style, anyone in our photography team would be able to pull it off. Let it not be said that our albums are misleading, rest assured that our skilled team can produce what you see.


Prior to the fun filled shoot day, a unique concept would be brought forth through a mood board. A mood board is similar to a story board, in that we gather the different colour themes and focus points needed to create a concept album. There could be different venues featured or different story lines. Inspiration can come from our daily surroundings, or stories we hear that we would like translated onto images. Of course, online research is essential to bind everything together. The wonders of the internet!


Through this mood board, all the photographers will arm themselves with an understanding of what will be achieved. From intangibles: the feel, the emotions, the messages; to the tangibles: location, props, styling. Of course, a short cut to it all would be to explain to our team the whats and hows after the album is produced. We don’t go for short cuts, because Chris believes in hands on experience. That was how he started, and that is how he trains.



The purpose of our concept shoots not only serves as a team bonding session, it will also provide many useful references for our couples. Sparing no cost in production, these albums will be presented to our couples so that they can select the feel they like. Thereafter, our photographers can take the cue and will know how to deliver your expectations.

As we said before, consistency is king. That is why with our efforts we will ensure that we continue being leaders in the market!


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The Bridal Beauty was one of the many event collaborations with our boutique partner Z Wedding, but it was a first with Dr Georgia Lee and her esteemed label DrGL. Our anticipations were rewarded with another success! We would also like to venue partner, the Amara Singapore, for joining in the festivities.

Many of the brides in attendance took with them on that day in depth information on caring for their skin. Dr Lee went all out to answer issues all women, and some men too, had. Her team went so far as to bring in the equipment for brides to get a first hand experience on skin treatments without needing to book an appointment. That right there had already saved them a hefty consultation fee from the famous doctor!

The Bridal Beauty-7

Which gown would go with your now glowing skin? Z Wedding’s creative director Joey Ling was also on hand to provide details on how to choose the right wedding gown. From body shapes to gown types, she provided much needed advice on where to start when searching for that dream dress.

Last but not least, our very own Chris Ling provided insights on photography tricks and angles. He shared how he is able to create beautiful and timeless moments for your wedding album.

The Bridal Beauty-25

It was indeed a day for bridal and beauty treats. The participants wasted not a minute of their time. Hence, they went home with lucrative knowledge that ensured a stress free wedding journey with lesser worries!

Keep a look out on Z Wedding and our pages for more of such events. We will definitely be organising similar couple beneficial activities!

The Bridal Beauty-41

The Bridal Beauty-43

The Bridal Beauty-52

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Mention Dr Georgia Lee and the first association is beautiful skin. It can be said that she is Singapore’s most famous skin doctor, and her work puts her in demand with many well heeled clients. While managing her successful practice, she has also created a bespoke skin care range, DrGL, that caters to Singapore’s market. Dr Lee is one busy woman indeed.

In spite of her busy schedule, Dr Lee will be making a rare appearance to provide an informative talk on how to care for your skin. On 21st August at the beautiful Amara Singapore, an exclusive event with Dr Georgia Lee, Z Wedding, and Chris Ling Photography will be held to provide you with in depth information on all things wedding. In addition to Dr Lee, Z Wedding’s creative director Joey Ling, lifestyle influencers Alene B and Lian Meiting, and our very own Chris Ling will provide the knowledge you need to physically and psychology handle all the preparations for your big day!



Attendees will not only go home with much needed information, you will also receive a welcome gift worth up to $500 from all the participating partners. In addition, you can enjoy event day perks: personal consultation with the DrGL team, sneak peek gown preview of the latest Z Wedding collection, and free upgrades from Amara Singapore.

Sounds like a plan doesn’t it? Mark your calendars for 21st August 2016 at 12:30pm, Amara Hotel Ballroom 1 (level 2). 

Sign up here at Z Wedding’s event page – The Bridal Beauty

Read up on Dr Georgia Lee and her philosophies here: Conversations with Dr Georgia Lee


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Let’s do a throwback to the successful launch of the Z Wedding x Chijmes collaboration. It was a star studded night of fashion and glamour as the models strut down the runway in Z Wedding’s latest pieces. As the official photography and video partner of the night, we were pleased to see VIPs and guests enjoying themselves in their glitzy regalia. We were proud that a Singapore label can hold its own in the fashion industry.




Inspired by the fine details of Chijmes’ neo-gothic architecture, this collection aims to translate these key elements into bridal gowns. This architectural movement sees numerous subtle details adorned on the foundations of the building. Its key focus is bringing out the grand scale of a hall through intricate accents, rather then garish decorations. As such, Z Wedding created the Chijmes Wedding collection to emotionally connect with their brides. The play on details aims to bring out radiance, while the structural flow of the gown ensures the bride looks pristine. Like the intricate floral and bird motifs on Chijmes’ Corinthian columns, emphasis is placed on the gown’s line work and lace. The key is the meticulously hand crafted touches of embellishments on bold lace, creating a look that embodies soft femininity and glamour.

We can’t wait to see what Z Wedding comes up with next.







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From since our inception in 1993, Chris’ goal had always been to be the best, the brightest, and the most professional. With that in mind, the studio, our team, and our partnerships had indeed grown tremendously over the decades. Chris’ ambitions were met year after year, especially with the full support of bridal boutiques Z Wedding Design and Le Grand Wedding. It has been an amazing journey with their support. In turn, we have also given them our full support.

Working toward being number one is an uphill task, but the rewards were amazing. Once again, we have managed to outdo our last efforts and Z Wedding Design will launch what is thus far the most prestigious wedding couture runway show. Roping in an exclusive collaboration with Chijmes Weddings by Watabe Weddings, Z Wedding has created a collection inspired by the amazing architecture of Chijmes.

In attendance will be artists Fann Wong and Chris Tong, and many prominent influencers in the fashion and lifestyle industry.



The Z Wedding x Chijmes Wedding Runway Show promises to be the most prestigious yet, and again a first in the wedding industry. We will continue to strive for the best, and thankfully through ups and downs our efforts managed to rake in conducive results. To put in so much effort and see our goals fulfilled is satisfying and addictive, rest assured we will continue to do our best!


Behind the scenes in preparation of the Z Wedding x Chijmes Show:




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With all the advancements of technology, our daily lives are fast becoming digital. Likewise in photography, soft copies are precious because they can be kept for as long as you maintain your hard disk. What about hard copies? They question we ask is are wedding albums becoming a thing of the past? Happy to say, as much as we like to promote innovation, we are one studio who cherishes the physical feel of wedding albums.

A wedding album consists of a photographer’s vision to capture your love and a designer’s effort to bind the images into your story. They can be a classic layout of images against a plain white background or a more design intensive concept layout, the end result will be the same. We create a permanent memory for you to hold. You may not browse through the album as often after the excitement of a wedding day, but you will not regret crafting one when you flip through them during your anniversaries. Instead of turning to the computer, in which you may have difficulty recalling where the archived files are kept, grab your wedding album from the shelf and share it with your close friends, your children, or even your grandchildren. You can imagine telling the little ones, “See, this is grandpa and grandma when we got married!”.

We are old school that day. Nothing beats the feel of an album.

Take a look at some of our design laden concept albums that our team brainstormed –






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In the recent year, I have been holding many talks and workshops sharing the inner workings of the wedding industry. Through these sessions with newlyweds, here is what I hope to achieve:

Sharing Wedding Industry Information

Having been in the wedding trade for many years, I have seen a lot in the industry. By sharing this knowledge, I hope that my wedding couples will be well informed about the many practices and tactics in the wedding market.

Brides and Grooms: Different Focus

Men and women would mostly have different priorities when planning a wedding. During my talks, I will explain which areas each would focus on, and how to find the common ground before signing a package. Design, dollars, and values will all come into play.

Wedding Roadshows: Revealing Tactics

It is easy to take the first step in signing a package on an A4 paper, but the process and final outcome is the most important task. Only a professional team, gown designers and photographers amongst others, can deliver that. Without fully knowing the capabilities of the company behind the contract, many couples make the mistake of trusting the promises promoters make during wedding roadshows. Unfulfilled promises and disappointing products are a common complaint wedding couples often confide to me about, they had signed with an all-in-one boutique and were thinking of switching to my studio.

Pictured: One of the many wedding roadshows that can be found.


Limited Reliability of Forums

You can find an abundance of advice from various forums. They will share with you the package details and the bargaining power. Yet, hardly anyone discuss how to spot a professional team, or how to find consistency in wedding albums. These are the little details that are very important and shouldn’t be overlooked.

Assuring Quality

Due to the popularity of my collaboration with my partner boutiques, Z Wedding and Le Grand, I have been told from wedding couples that many companies and promoters have been giving us negative reviews. Most of these are sales tactics employed to sway couples into signing packages. Therefore, I would like to prove to wedding couples that my partners and I hold high standards of quality and professionalism.

I hope these points will provide you with a greater understanding of what I do, and why I do them. I hope to see you at my next workshop!

− Chris Ling

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Le Grand and Z Wedding had outdone themselves with their latest collection. Our studio are honored to support a fashion house who have put in endless nights of effort to create such beautiful pieces.
The guests to The Prelude were treated to a runway show at the Chijmes Hall. The catwalk was decked out with gorgeous white roses, and the finale sees a model gracing a beautifully crafted floral headpiece. These fresh flower settings was made possible by one of the most creative floral houses in Singapore, Hello Flowers.

What more, guests get to take self portraits with instant print services from Thank You For Coming photo booth. Thank you for coming indeed! The props were quirky, and guests could see themselves in their professional set up as the images were captured. So much fun! Our celebrity attendees Tracy and Zen do sure know how to work the camera.


It was a whole day affair. Starting with a workshop on wedding planning by Chris, he unveiled what are common business practices in the wedding market.After which, the couture runway show cat-walked to a full house of celebrities, wedding industry publications, social media influencers, renowned fashion bloggers, and fashion stylists amongst the public guests.


The effort had paid off to see such a positive reaction to not only the latest collection, but also our studio’s photography work.

We would like to thank each and every one for attending, and we look forward to putting forth the next show with equal brilliance!






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From when Chris first started in 1993, he has come to experience that photography alone is only one part of a newlywed’s wedding planning. Many other aspects come into play, and therefore he started sourcing for the best in the industry.

Our collaboration with Z Wedding was formed in 2006. It was then undergoing a new management, and their performance and customer service vastly improved. New gown designers and makeup artist were also hired. With this team, Z Wedding proved to be a formidable contender in the wedding market not only for gowns, but for an all round service. Therefore, Z Wedding, and thereafter their sister company Le Grand, formed an exclusive partnership with our studio. All Z Wedding and Le Grand couples will be photographed by us, and we will give them our fullest support at the most competitive rates.

Who Makes The Gowns?

What would a wedding day be without your wedding gown? All of us in the industry would like to say that our part of the job is the most important. To be honest, we humbly recognize that such a claim is ludicrous. It takes many hands to come together, and the gowns do make the bride.

At Z Wedding, they have three key designers. They create by taking their inspiration from three areas:

  1. Bride’s sentiments from one to one interactions.
  2. International fashion couture.
  3. Art from the very city we live in.

With a realistic view of what would be best for every bride, they produce a wide range of gowns that would suit many shapes and sizes, and every taste and personality.

The gowns are created and crafted in Singapore by their team of designers and seamstresses.




The Makeover

Makeup. Hair. Styling. What kind of accessories would go well with a bustier? Which shade of pink would go with the evening gown? Hair up, or hair down? After many shoots, we’ve noticed the worth of a good makeup artist during post-production. The better the makeup, the less the editing!

The Z Wedding/Le Grand stylists are professional and attentive. We will always recommend going as natural as possible when applying colours on your face, and that is what they do. Makeup isn’t overdone, the hairdo goes with the gown, and the styling suits the theme.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


Our Photographers

When all is in place, it is time to immortalize it in photos. Our photographers, already familiar with our partners, know how to capture the moments deserving of your wedding. They are trained to provide you with timeless classics that will not make you cringe when you view your albums again on your 10th anniversary.

With the gown and styling good to go, our photographers will have an easier time and it allows them to focus on you. This saves them the trouble of correcting a fallen eyelash, or adjusting a wayward sash. Which in turn translates to more time focused on you, the newlywed.

Do you know that all the photos that seemed uncontrived and in the moment are directed by our photographers? We fully understand that our couples are not models, and they will need every help they can get in knowing details such as which angle is the most flattering or where to place their hands.



How Are The Pre-Wedding Albums Made?

The photography process does not stop at a click of the camera. Your selected images are then sent to our graphic designers to be further edited in detail, and laid out in an album format. Again, it takes many years to train a graphic designer on how to naturally touch up an image. Too smooth makes you look like a mannequin, and yet images too raw will be rejected. No one wants a reminder of the pimple you had when you took your wedding photos!

Each image is edited and designed in a page layout. The images have to correspond with each other, so that a fluid story can unfold. We emphasize greatly on matching photos because we want your album to be a smooth transition from one page to the next, not a picture folder of slotted 4R prints that anyone can insert.

cover stephanie

The Perks of an Exclusive Collaboration

In our case, familiarity does not breed contempt. We are very happy to work with trusted partners that did not fail to deliver time after time. Hiccups are bound to occur, but we are happy to notice that they are also quickly resolved. All made possible when individuals with different skill sets work in cohesion; each respecting the other’s creative space as well as understanding their limitations.


Brand Partnerships With Other Boutiques

We still do continue our good work with our other trusted partners. Though not exclusive, we offer discounted rates to couples that have signed up with Amanda Lee Weddings, Dang Bridal, Divine Couture, and Silhouette the Atelier. These boutiques are our preferred partners, they too have proven to be reputable in the industry.



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