With most professional or commercial studios, it is common to reconstruct, repaint and redecorate for every project. Even our studio changes settings seasonally for wedding portraitures. For our concept shoot, it took a rather dramatic turn. With budget and construction planned and approved by Chris, Skyy proposed a doll’s house interior and our white infinity walls in one of our rooms underwent renovation. This will be our next season’s work: Living Dolls. Watch this space for our latest concept shoot.

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Before their selection, I received a wonderful email from Jason and Wei Pei that made my day:

Hi Arvinna,

How are you?

Jason and I enjoyed ourselves in the S/O pre-wedding photoshoot on 12 August. Thank you very much for helping us and please send our warmest thanks to Chris for his quick and painless direction during the shoot!

Do let us know when the photos may be available for viewing so we can make arrangements in meeting up with you.

Many thanks.

Kind regards,

Wei Pei & Jason

I also wanted to quote, with many thanks to the lovely couple, their very apt description of Chris’ directions, quick and painless. Now why didn’t I think of that? So simple and accurate. Here are some images of Jason and Wei Pei at what Chris describes as the last kampong in Singapore. There is a kampong left in Singapore? He’ll show me one day because the mosquitoes there need new blood to feed on.

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Jin Kiat and Celine had introduced Roy & Elizabeth to us, and Jin Kiat don’t worry, I won’t forget your FB mail to take good care of your buddies. For one of their pre-wedding location shoots, Roy & Elizabeth had arranged an outing on the greens. Eugene loves to shoot at locations meaningful to couples. Bonding on the 18 holes they were and it made for some interesting images. It also made me want to pick up golf, but considering that my golf balls literally roll off the ledge at the range, I’ll need a patient instructor indeed. I hope I didn’t hurt anyone below me.

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We’d like to thank all our clients who signed up with us during our Fall/Winter exhibition. On top of our advertorials, these exhibitions have really granted much publicity for us. We’re glad our Hong Kong clients are not averse to us introducing our techniques and instead appreciate our take on wedding photography. Also, for those who have signed up directly with our Singapore branch, we’ll be looking forward to presenting our work to you. Have a great weekend everyone!

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Brian and Lydia’s albums are still in the works but I can’t help not sharing some of the images she presented to the both of them. On a side note, Lydia is donning Vera Wang and Tan Yoong and I must say she carries both designers off gorgeously.

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Jiayong and Zairu’s albums are in production as we speak, and amongst the many endearing images it’s hard to shortlist a few for our site, especially with such chemistry between the both of them. The first image was taken on location in RJC and it meant a lot to them. Zairu’s gown is a classic Silhouette.

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Chris’ portfolio on our main site has an additional gallery just uploaded recently featuring Ivan and Daphne’s photography. The colours were edited by Chris, and pardon me for appearing biased but, I must say, what wonderful colours they are. They opted to have one location on board a yacht and the last two images were taken along the streets of Little India. Little India, during which an old Indian lady in the purple building came out to tease our groom, “Handsome, where’re your flowers?”. If I recall correctly I think she even asked him to step right in.

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Chris Ling International Photographers will be showcasing wedding photography portfolios for the 56th Fall/Winter Wedding Service and Banquet 2009 from 21st to 23rd August in Hong Kong. Hong Kong couples will be glad to hear that there will be special wedding photography packages on promotion during the Expo. Do drop us a visit and we’ll be happy to attend to you.

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Such a hilarious couple Kevin and Lai Peng are, Max and I laughed until our stomaches hurt when we were chatting with them. And as expected, their wedding was full of life. From Kevin and entourage having to inflict Yoga poses on their stiff bones, or the couple having their own paparazzi, to the affection in their eyes during their vows. With the bubblies generously flowing, I believe couple and guests alike had a splendid time. Big smiles and joyful tears, it was a good ending indeed to a wedding celebration.

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[Update 28/7/09]

Our new site is officially live! As promised, we will be running a promotion for pre-wedding photography in Singapore from 1st to 31st August 2009.

Studio/Outdoor Photography by Eugene/Skyy
– Inclusive of 2 outdoor locations, an album and the soft copies of the selected images
– Additional outdoor locations at $300 per area

Studio/Outdoor Photography by Chris
– Inclusive of Emerald Hill and 1 outdoor location, an album and the soft copies of the selected images
– Additional outdoor locations at $500 per area

Shoot dates can be booked for 2009 and 2010. Do email us if you require further details, and I hope everyone will enjoy our new site!


We’ll be revamping our chrisling.com website and it shall be live within the next week.

As with all our launches, we’ll also be bringing back a promotion to celebrate the new look. Since many have requested for an extension on our GSS offer, we’ll be running that again once the site is officially up.

We’ll keep you posted!

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