Bali has always been a favourite overseas destination. The turquoise waters, white sands, blue skies, and historic temples are popular. In addition, the air ticket and lodging would not cost you an arm and a leg; it is one less headache for people on budgets who wish to incorporate a pre-wedding holiday shoot. Therefore this island destination is extremely popular.

Understanding that  many photographers would have brought you to the standard locations, we at Chris Ling decided to crack our creative brains and feature a different side of Bali. A Bali with much more to offer then temples and turtles. These creative angles of a holiday destination that sees dozens of wedding couples per sunny day is possible with a team not only compromising of our photography, but also with a wedding stylist.

For us, not worrying about how to style our brides was a load off our minds. In fact, the hardworking makeup and hair stylists at Z Wedding Design contributed their suggestions that enhanced the overall feel of the image. We couldn’t have done it without them

For our couples, an all incorporated package of imagery, gown, and styling was convenient and worry free. They received a thoroughly enjoyable shoot and stunning wedding photos.

Here is our take on beautiful Bali.

View more photos on our Facebook album: Linked here.



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Chris had just finished the latest fashion editorial shoot for Le Grand’s new season. This time round, it is all about the lace.

The collection pulls wedding fashion from way back when, an era where the 60s modernist tide welcomed the free spirit of the 70s. For wedding fashion, it was a time where lace had been a preference for most brides. Now, more so then ever, it has proved to be a versatile accent. Modern cuts brings the 70s to 2015; and vintage inspired lace gives the bride the feminine touch to a bold personality.

The Le Grand stylist and makeup artist during the fashion editorial pulled off the overall look befitting the gowns. Their effort had helped Chris create the right imagery for the theme. Stylists cum makeup artists are the paint to the canvas, and our photographers will catch the look. The gowns, the stylist, and the photographer, everyone has a part to play be it a wedding or a fashion shoot!

View more photos on Le Grand’s facebook album here.

_D6P9876 _H7P1408 _H7P1584

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I went on a 3 day trip to Hanoi, Vietnam, and enjoyed the sights tremendously. Countries with the old world charm are a gold mine for photography, there are so many people and places to capture.

My purpose of going to the Old Quarter in Hanoi is to explore, experience, and capture life in the bustling vintage town. Needless to say, I enjoyed myself thoroughly. There is something therapeutic when the eye and the camera meets as the shutter clicks.

I intend to set aside more time to visit other countries and their towns, the places I had very much wanted to go to as a photographer. With complete trust in my team of photographers in my Singapore and Hong Kong galleries, I can now pursue my long awaited adventures without worry.

– Chris

View more photos on our Facebook album: Link here.

hanoi_2 hanoi_3 hanoi_4 hanoi_5 hanoi_6 hanoi_7 hanoi_8


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Since my studio turned 20 two years ago, I had decided to retire from wedding photography and place my focus on business development and staff training. That is not to say that my love for photography diminished, and that I have become more money oriented. Quite the opposite actually, my love for photography increased.

The retirement allowed me to travel, shoot, and create more. More of my time is spent researching new gear, or playing around with new techniques. By any means, it isn’t a chore, I enjoy it tremendously. With all the knowledge gained, I can then impart it to my photographers. Taking into consideration the business aspect of sustaining a studio, a photographer can’t slack!

With or without professional gear (nowadays I travel light), I like to create photos. Photos that I keep like a memory stamp, and the same photos that I share with my team and my clients. I still believe in the power of photography.

– Chris

View more photos on our Facebook album: Link here.


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It has come to our attention recently that on more then one occasion our images had been published as portfolios for other studios and bridal houses. How did we come across them? Our clients, who have been fans of our hard work, brought it to our attention. There were even cases where they had seen the same albums in other shops. The silver lining from these episodes is that we must be doing something right for our couples to be fans of our work that they can recognize our photos!

Copyright infringement is a never ending battle, and to help us with the fight we would like to engage you! If you have evidence that our images have been replicated, please bring it to us. You can send us an email of the link if it’s a social media page or a website, and you can also take a snapshot of suspected reproduced albums/images on your phone or digital camera. Our bridal partners Le Grand and Z Wedding are also with us on image protection, you can visit their boutiques to show them what you have captured. For your effort, we will be offering a reward for finding our stolen albums/images.


We have built the Chris Ling style and technique for the past 22 years. Our approach to photography and digital imaging does not happen overnight, we spend the time to research and we learn from our experiences. As a group, from producers, digital artists, and photographers/video, we often burn the midnight oil to come up with new imagery. Therefore, we are able to deliver what we promise, and create what we have now. It is not surprising then that an amateur or unethical company would resort to downloading images instead of creating them, it is so much faster.

As newlyweds, it is advisable to also do your research on the studios or the bridal houses. Check their history and their track record, this will prevent you from being misled by the appealing albums they possess. In fact, it is an open secret that portfolios can actually be bought. Chris had been to industry only wedding trade fairs in China and had come across sample albums professionally done up. The purpose of these albums are not, as he thought, to showcase the printer. The entire album, images and design, are for sale. Bridal houses or photography studios across Asia will buy them and present these albums as their portfolio.

01 DSC02608

We have to admit, it is quite a tiring task for newlyweds to constantly be on their toes. Bridal houses or studios fooling couples with samples that are bought or stolen do not help. Yet, you must remain vigilant and aware, the homework has to be done. Go to a reputable studio or bridal boutique that you trust!

Note: Names and faces have been blurred, and company names have been omitted so as not to name and shame. Our studio will be privately pursuing the matter on a legal platform.

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Enter our Valentines Day Contest by telling us the story of how you met, or how you became a couple!

How would you like to spend your Valentines this year with a studio photography session commemorating your time as a couple? If that’s right up your alley, then you’ll be interested to know that with our full support, our bridal boutique partner Z Wedding Design has decided to give away 5 Valentines Day studio shoots!

5 winners will receive:
Lifestyle Studio Shoot Worth $1800

– Singapore studio
– 1 hour photography service
– All images taken returned in soft copies (originals)
– Makeup and hair styling by a Z Wedding artist is included (1 change)


  1. Submit your story, together with your photo, through a Facebook message to our page: www.facebook.com/zwedding
  2. Stories can be brief. Eg. “Met in Secondary school, he sat next to me in the same class.”, “He asked me to be his girlfriend when he suprised me in Vivo City.” etc.
  3. They may summarise your story for you, and it will be published on their Facebook page together with your couple photo. This photo + story will be open for voting, and the voting will be determined by how many people like your photo.
  4. The top 5 photos + story with the most votes (likes) will win a photo shoot at our studio on Valentines Day 14/2/15!
  5. Submissions must reach them by 31/1/15.
  6. Your entry photos will be published on their Facebook page on 1/2/15.
  7. Voting will end on 11/2/15, and the winning couple will be announced also via their Facebook page on 12/2/15.

Everyone is eligible! To enter, do include the following in your Facebook message:

  • Your love story
  • Attach your couple photo of not more then 1mb
  • Couple’s names
  • Email address
  • Contact number
Terms and Conditions
Studio shoot will only be held on 14/2/15 at our Singapore studio.
No replacement shoot will be available.
Not transferable to other couples.
Not exchangeable for cash or other services.
Gowns or outfits are not included.
Contest is not open in our Hong Kong studio.
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Christmas is coming and we have set up a Christmas setting in our studio!

To celebrate this festive season, we have an awesome package for everyone. Each package has been designed to include a selection of photographs for you to keep, and even to give out to friends & family as Christmas greetings.

For $288, it includes an hour in the studio for up to 6 people. It comes with all soft copy and a 8R table top. It is suitable for individuals, couples, friends or family!

– 1 hour studio photography session
– All images returned in high resolution soft copies
– 1 free 8R table top photo frame (worth $150)
– For not more the 6 pax

Optionals –
Additional hour: $288/hr
Additional pax: $50/pax
Makeup and hair stylist service: $150

Email us for quick reservation.

Happy holidays everyone!

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Date: 28 August 2014 Thursday
Time: 7pm
Venue: The Chijmes Hall

The time is here again for the much anticipated Couture Runway Show. Join our exclusive boutique partners, Le Grand & Z Wedding, plus their celebrity guests, for a night of high fashion as the two bridal big wigs unveil their latest bridal couture creations.



To get your complimentary tickets, please collect them and register in person at:

Z Wedding Design
93 Tanjong Pagar Road
Singapore 088514
12-9pm, Mon-Tue, Thu-Sun, closed on Wed

Only LIMITED tickets are available.
Allocation will be on a first come first served basis.

Dress code: Smart / Cocktail
Inappropriate attire may be rejected entry.

Hurry down to Z Wedding and secure your tickets. We hope to see you there!

03 04 05

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The “It” wedding that transpired just this past weekend belongs to Tim and Sabrina.

I felt very privileged Sabrina remembered our studio all these years, and that she trusted our team and our work. She is a gorgeous lady who was not at all a bridezilla, but a very warm personality that you would automatically feel a friendship with. It may be more then a coincidence that we share a mutual friend too. Jason Wong, we must indeed all catch up again!

With Tim, a long time ago when he was at Power 98 I was managing a retail shop and would leave his show on. In fact, I remembered calling in and winning a pair of concert tickets from him. His voice accompanied me throughout my afternoon shifts, and never did I imagine I would once again meet with that familiarity. And how does he always manage to get good hair days? I have never once seen him with a less then impeccable do.

Their matrimonial ceremony was held at the beautiful Armenian Church at Hill Street, followed by a night of fun, casual dining in Brazil Churrasco on Sixth Avenue. Their formal banquet in the evening of the next day was within the sprawling greens of Singapore Island Country Club.  Not only do they have elegant tastes, they definitely know how to throw a good party too.

Here’s to many years of marital bliss, congratulations Tim and Sabrina!

We’ll be uploading more pictures from their wedding on our Facebook page soon, do keep a look out.

– Arvinna

IMG_5068 IMG_5074 IMG_5075 IMG_5092 T&S-M01  T&S-M06 T&S-M08 T&S-M11 T&S-M18 T&S-M21 T&S-M26


Facebook albums: Pre-Wedding, Wedding Day Highlights, Wedding Day Group Photos

Related media articles: Xin MSN, Yahoo Entertainment SG, Today Online


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kai helen max

Put a ring on it!

You may not wear your wedding gown again, but the wedding band will continue to adorn your ring finger. Well, for most couples that is. Some may choose to keep their 5-figure masterpieces in the safety of a deposit box. And why stop at 5 figures? There are others priced at 6-figures too, but there aren’t many Jennifer Lopez-es in the world with a pink diamond ring.

We have come across many gorgeous pieces, and a ring shot is quintessential if we see a ring pillow. Here are a couple of unique ones:


Kai proposed to Helen in Paris, and they engraved the Eiffel tower on their wedding bands. Superb!

kai helen joseph


Another engraved feature, Francesco and Liu Yen’s chinese poetry.


“I will hold your hand, all the way into our old age.”

francesco liu yen max


Tris & Jac opted for rather unique rings, one we don’t see much of. Tris’ ring with the black detail is a Quatre Black Edition Wedding Band from Boucheron. The black is created from PVD coating the gold. PVD coating is common in the watch industry for precious metals, and here we see it enhancing the design on an otherwise plain wedding band. It is an excellent option for men who prefer a little more on their bands.

tris jac ernest


Here are some of our other favourite wedding bands and ring pillows. I hope it will provide some inspiration for those deciding on their bands.

Impression PhotoG

eugene candy max

 jasmine talib samuel

jonathan annie samuel

zixiong alison ashley

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