The Super Potato team pulled off a remarkable job again, this time with the completion of Grand Hyatt Singapore’s 2nd level event space, Salon 2. For those who have signed up to be the first few holding your banquet there, you’re in for a treat. Here are some images of the new space, special note should be given to their wonderful concept of having a open concept show kitchen in the ballroom itself:




Here are the smaller rooms that you can host your solemnization or tea ceremony in:



Prices start from $1688++ per table of 10 for the years 2014 and 2015. Don’t quote us for 2016 though, best check with the lovely sales managers at the Hyatt for the exact pricing.

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Tanjong Pagar Road in Singapore has been the street to go to for wedding shopping, and it is time we joined in the fun. Again. Yes, again.

Back in 2005, our gallery was in 55 Tras Street, a street that ran parallel to Tanjong Pagar Road. In 2007 our lease ended. Our then landlord doubled the rent and we decided to move to 20 Emerald Hill (the unit where Silhouette the Atelier is currently occupying, they took over right after our tenure). We had to let go of the Emerald Hill gallery for the same reason, doubling rentals. Thereafter, we moved back to our Saunders Road stronghold, combining our studio with our gallery. In 2011, Chris found the perfect spot to build Singapore’s largest indoor wedding photography studio, and we are back to holding two locations. The rental should remain stable in our Midview City units; we are rather tired of being at the mercy of landlords.

This year, we have finalised negotiations for the lease of 79B Tanjong Pagar Road, and our 2nd gallery is complete. This addition will be a convenient location for couples wanting to browse the stretch and visit our partner boutiques (Le Grand & Z Wedding). Our Saunders Road gallery can then cater to couples who are planning to do their shopping in the Orchard area. We hope this will make things easier for you. Well, at least for this year or two when the rent amount has been agreed upon.

Do join us for our Tanjong Pagar Gallery Open House on –

Saturday/Sunday, 8th & 9th March 2014

Saturday /Sunday, 15th & 16th March 2014

Workshop Timings: 1pm / 3pm / 5pm

Address: 79B Tanjong Pagar Road, S088500 (Above Le Grand)

Chris himself will be conducting a workshop on photography and will be touching on all things wedding. The partner boutique involved in this open house will be the ever high fashion Le Grand, and you can ask their designers on all things bridal couture. As for myself, I’ll run through any queries you would have pertaining to planning a wedding: photographers, video, locations, recommendations, etc. You can buy me coffee for the exchange of information. Or you can buy our packages, that would make us very happy and I’ll buy you coffee instead.

Do RVSP your attendance for the workshop through our email: enquiries (at), together with your name, contact number, and preferred timing.

See you there!






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wedding flowers hand bouquet 16

Rumour has it that the prices of roses went up by 60% for this year’s Valentine’s. We are referring to Valentine’s day roses, which means it is 60% on top of the double from regular priced roses bought on February 14th. If your other half has bought you flowers, better give them a gargantuan hug worth 260% as compared to other days.

Still, flowers are a quintessential part for weddings, and today would be a good time to share the beautiful bouquets we have captured. Pricing on gorgeous floras could range between nothing at all from all inclusive bridal packages, to easily a five digit sum that adorns the entire venue. Hand bouquets alone would cost between $200 to $500, and I know of a florist who sold one of his creations at $1200.

If you have the creative streak, you could do what Valerie did and create your own hand bouquet. QED if you have magic fingers, but definitely not QED with my own hands.

wedding flowers hand bouquet 10

She has since received requests to create wedding details for other people, and you can follow her other creations on her Instagram account: @Primandpastel

Here are some other of our favourite bouquets we captured during the past year, and I hope you’ll find these inspiring for your own flower power. Happy Valentine’s!

wedding flowers hand bouquet 17

wedding flowers hand bouquet 11

wedding flowers hand bouquet 12

wedding flowers hand bouquet 14

wedding flowers hand bouquet 15


wedding flowers hand bouquet 13

wedding flowers hand bouquet 19

wedding flowers hand bouquet 20



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It was an amazing show for those who had attended the our boutique partner’s launch of their Spring/Summer 2014 collection. We had more celebrities that attended the show this year, and many were anticipating Fann Wong’s RSVPed attendance. Unfortunately, she had to cancel her plans because she fell sick that day. Maybe next time we’ll catch her at a better time.


Here is the link to the Facebook album on snippets of what went on during the show.

For the gowns, it was a gorgeous collection of designs that were truly bold and unique, yet feminine and elegant. Take a look at a few of our  picks:

“The Le Grand Spring/Summer 2014 is inspired by the mythical city of Atlantis. There is a mystique that shroud this city as it sits in its on the ocean floor. Wrapped in a blue abyss, imagine a spring burst of colours as schools of vibrant ocean life swim within its ruins. Imagine also mythical mermaids as they glide within the city walls. These imageries materialised itself in Le Grand’s Atlantis collection, a mix of mermaid silhouettes as light reflect off their scales, and a vision of strength as these creatures remained guardians of Atlantis. This is an artistic rendition of a spring/summer collection, an ethereal femme fatale.”


. . .

“The Z Wedding Spring/Summer 2014 is themed on a garden in full bloom. The strength of a woman is also her femininity. Floral details were spared no expense as this season the collection dresses the bride in her very own Eden. The stature of a grand ball gown is romanticized by the softness of delicate blooms, creating the perfect fairy tale as spring approaches.”


. . .

And here is the link to the other gowns that strutted down the catwalk.






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Le Grand and Z Wedding are back with their new Spring Summer 2014 Couture. As per previous runway success, they are holding it at Chijmes again, and we will be providing photography, videography, and PR support. It is happening on 9th January 2014, and Singapore’s very own A-lister Fann Wong has shown interest and agreed to attend the show!

For the fashion savvy who are eager to see what the team has created, do RSVP to the the bridal boutiques to secure your seat.

Chijmes2014 frontChijmes2014 back2






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The studio is buzzing again with some settings being updated. We’re quite excited to shoot with the new arrivals, but of course our popular “in-demand” environments will be retained.









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In the course of our years, we were privileged to have couples from all over Asia who flew down to our Singapore gallery for their pre-wedding shoot. Most had found us through the internet, and for that we never fail to be appreciative of the fact that they placed so much trust in us based on our portfolios. We cannot deny that forum discussions did help as well, our team had put in immense effort to maintain a good track record of service and professionalism. If we don’t put in our 100% for every job, the forums can be an abysmal pit hole of word slinging maliciousness. Truly dangerous grounds where one sided stories manifest itself.

Yet, the exposure and positivity that can be derived from the world wide web would far outweigh risks of on-line slander. It has brought us closer to you! With one image of our lovely bride Marly (and her bear), our Facebook page took a giant leap to over 100,000 likes as of today. From the demographic reports, Jakarta “likes” us the most. Thank you Indonesian fans!

chris ling marly

We’d like to now feature some of our overseas couples:

Huang Seng & Pei Shi, Brunei.

chris ling peishi huangseng

Dave & Fenny, Indonesia.

chris ling fenny dave

Tze Chuan & Denise, Brunei & Sabah.

chris ling Denise Tze Chuan

Alex & Jasmine, Vietnam & Korea.

chris ling jasmin and alex

Thet Thet Mon & Myo Myint Aung, Myanmar.

chris ling thetthet

We will always remember your visit to our little island city!




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The F1 weekend came and went, and what a period it is. Stars, cars, and companies descended onto Singapore to provide concerts, events, and parties on grand scales. The annual Johnnie Walker F1 Circuit Lounge party is one such event. For invited guests only, it was held at the Marina Bay Sands event hall, and it was open bar from 9pm to 3am. Aerial dancers, performers, and DJs entertained the night, including a fashion show by Le Grand.



The organisers for Johnnie Walker wanted to add something different this year, and they decided to engage Le Grand to create a fashion collection as the highlight of the night. The theme: Gold. Johnnie Walker Gold.

Creative designer Daniel from Le Grand did just that.

“To me, the Johnnie Walker label is about the sensation of excitement, a rich taste, the statement of luxury, and a liberated soul. By combining these four elements, what came to my mind was a combination of the Bird of Paradise and the butterfly. Both creatures are rich in colour, outstanding in appearance, and liberated from having to be conventional. In a sense, each creature has evolved into an art piece. Similarly, Johnnie Walker combines different elements to achieve its status. This is the foundation for Le Grand’s Circuit Lounge Capsule collection, elements of its gold luxury combined to produce pieces of art.”


View the rest of their collection on their Facebook album linked here.

Our studio had the pleasure of supporting them through photography and videography of the fashion show at the Circuit Lounge party. At the end of the weeks that built up to this night, both teams, Le Grand and Chris Ling Intl, breathed a sigh of relief for a job well done. What a fabulous party indeed.

View the rest of  the images from the party on our Facebook album linked here.




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Chris Ling Projects is a division of our studio dedicated to providing community service in whatever ways we can. This session, we have decided to open our studio to school children who are interested in learning studio photography.


It all started earlier in the year when Chris’ son approached him to ask about studio photography lighting and techniques, and Chris gladly taught him. That was when Chris realised other students in secondary or tertiary school photography clubs would be keen to understand how a full fledged studio worked. Out of which not many of them would have photographer parents. It led to us to offer the schools a pro-bono studio photography course taught by Chris. His reasoning for dedicating his time to students was that if he doesn’t, who would? Turns out he was more then happy to interact with the teens. From young school goers to adult couples, the boss somehow has a knack for making everyone feel comfortable.

Ei Ei was the teacher in charge of the photography club in Dunearn Secondary, she responded to my email and expressed her interest in taking up our offer. We were delighted to have had the opportunity to meet up with her young enthusiasts. I had asked her if the paperwork was difficult to process in getting the club out of the school and into our studio, and she replied that there were indeed quite a number of regulations to meet and forms to fill, but it wasn’t all that bad after one learns the art of templates! Our respect to this diligent teacher who put in the extra time for the kids.

In all, we had a very good session. Ei Ei and another accompanying teacher had a comfortable time, joining in the fun of photography. The students had many questions answered, and they were all excitedly experimenting with our equipment. Lastly, Chris seemed to have a ball of a time interacting with the kids, I could see the joy he had imparting his passion to the next generation. After this session, we hope more schools would take interest in the project. As always feel free to contact us, dear hardworking teachers!


You can view more images of the Dunearn Secondary School session on our Facebook album, linked here.




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Our team received information that we would be supporting our partner bridal boutiques, LeGrand and Z Wedding D’sign, for their first by invite only runway show in Chijmes just two weeks prior to the 2nd August 2013 event. It was such a mad rush, yet the adrenalin and the excitement leading up to an unheralded fashion runway show (by a bridal boutique) was quite a high. What made the LeGrand/Z Wedding Fall/Winter 2013 show different was that it wasn’t a wedding event in a hotel where you have different vendors peddling their wares, it was a classic couture runway show that emphasized on designer bridal wear. Our Chris Ling team was there to provide them manpower, graphics, video, photography, and any other creative ideas they need input on.




Backstage, the gown designers, coordinators, and fitters were fluttering about waiting for showtime. Showtime started later then expected unfortunately, we had to wait for one more VIP to arrive straight from the airport.





Celebrities accepted the invite to the show, and yours truly was in charge of attending to them. Fortunately, the seating arrangements were rather straightforward. They were extremely friendly; with none of the diva dramas or suprise requests people associate celebs with. David Gan was very modest, and he is such a darling. You can’t help but not want to chat with him all night, and now I understand why everyone wants to get to know him. In attendance, (left to right by row) Tracy Lee, Chris Tong, David Gan, Zen Chong, Malaysian supermodel Amber Chia, and reknowned catwalk guru Benjamin Toong.




And what were they feasting their eyes on? True couture creations with bold designs. Designers from both fashion houses took a rather different step from the conventional tule gowns popular in the market. They mixed, matched, layered, and produced gowns more fashionably daring over; a leap over cookie cutter princess gowns. The following are some highlights from Z Wedding:




Daniel Heawen from LeGrand took wedding gowns into a different edge, outer bodices laced into the gowns evoked a structured look. The combination of weaved corsets and delicate fabrics evoked a touch of ferosh to an essentially feminine look:




It was truly an amazing show. For those who attended, thank you for joining us, especially with the one hour wait for the show to start. Like how I feel the team’s effort in supporting LeGrand and Z Wedding was well worth it, I do hope you would feel the wait was too.

Other links:

David Gan’s blog post on Fall/Winter 2013 at Chijmes

Facebook album on event pictures.




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