The invitation card above was provided for by the Grand Hyatt.

Customized wax seal stamps are a beautiful touch to your invite, but do note the more guests you have, the more tired your hand would be stamping hundreds of invites. There are many ways to custom your own, one need not stick to the hard and fast rules of monograms. Of course, you would have to provide an exact idea to the seal stamp maker, and they can lay out the design for you. You can google ‘rubber stamp maker’ and find a few in the market, or if, like me, you find it tiresome to get a variety of quotations, I went straight to M W Rubber Stamp Maker in Rochor, Singapore. Seal stamps cost about $60 for the smallest size (as shown above).

Wax seal sticks would have to be bought separately. The stamp maker can order wax sticks for you, and when you enquire how many seals can one stick make, they would never give you a straight answer. It would depend on how much wax you would like to use, or if you make mistakes; even getting a ball park figure from them is more tedious then unicycling uphill. Unfortunately, or fortunately, there was a shortage of wax sticks in Singapore, and my videographer Alvin led me to a blog shop that sold them. Katrina Alana sells gorgeous items, and wax sticks of many colours. You’d be spoiled for choice.

From my experience, a small wax stick from her stock can be stamped 8 to 12 times, and using more wax will produce a better effect. I bought 10 sets of 2 wax sticks each, in total 20. After sealing about 75 envelopes with quite a good dollop of wax (and some that had to be re-done), I still have about 6 sticks remaining. Here’s a YouTube video on how to use wax seals.

Invitation card inserts
: If you have booked a banquet with a hotel in Singapore, they would give you the invitation cards, but you would have to print the inserts. Traditionally, one can use a light weight paper to print English and Mandarin translations of the wordings. Feel free to play around with your inserts, try different materials, textures, and grammage; and you can indeed customise each card to the name of your guest. This service would of course cost quite a bit more. Do look for Album Stories if you aren’t sure which printers offer insert customisations. Depending on the paper and the size, it should cost around $1 to $3 per insert. Don’t take my word for it though and do get a proper quotation from them.



Custom insert – Banquet:


Custom insert – After party:


Custom insert – Back:


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Flowers, the quintessential wedding accessory. Spending five digit figures decorating your ballroom is not unheard of, we have had a few clients who revealed their flora bill to us when we remarked how gorgeously decorated their banquet was.

Since most of the hotel banquet halls do provide a certain amount of decoration, some abundant and some minimal, most of us can pretty much focus on the flowers in our hair and in the wedding hand bouquet we clasp. A few years back, I discovered (with thanks to Kenji from Silhouette the Atelier) a quaint little shop called By The Branch at China Square, Singapore. Angela runs the place, and she’s a master at whimsical feats of nature in a bundle. It is all very bespoke, very personalised, and very affordable.

The up market bouquets range from about $300 to $500, lavished with exotic flowers flown first class. The more competitive ones use regionally or locally grown flora, with templates of their creations for you to select. These cost anywhere between $80 to $150. The lowest of the cost would of course be buying your own roses from the market florist and bundling them up with tape and ribbon (preferably sateen), home made bouquets need only cost $25 to $30.

As always, weddings are all about personal preferences. The couple’s personality will shine out in the details they chose, and some of my couples fell in love with Angela’s creations. Fairy tales of flowers bunched up together with a sprinkling of star dust. Not in the literal sense of course, but it is how I would describe her work. Simply let her know what your budget is ($150 to $300, upmarket flowers without the upmarket price tag), what flowers you fancy (providing pictures would help greatly), if you’d like pearls, crystals, or other decorations with it, and voilà, she’ll create one for you.

I had recently gotten married to a wonderful man, and I would like to share the details of my wedding with you in the upcoming posts. I would be covering my wedding invites, my gown coutures, and the hotel banquet amongst others.

For my wedding flowers:
It was white orchids for me, my favourite, and Angela added hydrangeas, a second favourite. I, like my husband, are more minimalist in nature, therefore I did not request for any ornaments on the bouquet. Needless to say, I was ecstatic about my floral hand bouquet and I couldn’t stop cradling them.



Photo credit: Alvin, from our video department, took occasions away from recording my wedding and happily snapped some shots for me.

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Our video portfolio on YouTube and Vimeo has been made private at the moment as we are sorting out our creative commons license for the music that we use. We will resume uploading our videos once we are able to work with labels that allow us to upload our videos with their music.

In the meantime, please contact us directly to view our works.

Many thanks.

[UPDATE 11/9/12] We’re buying up as much music licenses as possible, and will be able to build up our video portfolio again. Do give us some time, we thank you for your patience!

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Wedding invitation cards need not follow a standard template all the time. Jake and Hallie passed to their friends a more informal version, suited to their personalities.


The layout on the front, with the imagery, was done by our studio; but the typography (and what gorgeous typography) were provided by them. Have them printed on premium paper and your recipients will undoubtedly be impressed.

Here are some wedding invitations we had done for our previous couples.




The possibilities are endless.

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Details, lovely details, never fails to enhance a wedding album.

Most of the props are from our studios, but we do encourage you to bring your own should you have any. A tip on the balloons, helium ones of any colour can be purchased from party shops around Singapore. There is one in Centerpoint Shopping Center as well, near our studio in Orchard, and your darling groom would have to make a trip down to purchase them. It wouldn’t cost more then a few dollars per balloon.

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A Journey of Inseparable Love from Chris Ling Photographers on Vimeo.

Trevor and Christine were naturals being in front of the camera. We have rarely take the reigns in directing couples when it comes to videos, because it is easier to direct them as models rather then actors. Then there are a few that are stars in their own right, who are able to not appear contrived. I wonder how many more couples we would have like Trevor and Christine, would you be up for the challenge? Although, if it is not your cup of tea, this walking around and pretending, then it’s back to our signature naturalistic filming.

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We have wrapped up the next fashion editorial for Z Wedding’s Summer collection. This series, we proposed a backdrop of a construction site that also had building materials strewn all over the place. We suspect the site was simply the backbone for a future development before major works get started. As it is, the pipes and steel are slowly creeping in to occupy more then half of what was once a lush field. We’ll miss the green expense, there are getting lesser plains in Singapore. For now, though, it makes for a perfect location to shoot this editorial.

Check out more of our behind-the-scenes photos on our Facebook album. We promise you a buffed male model without his shirt on!





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London, famous for it’s grey, grey, weather.

Yet, Trevor and Christine were blessed with not-so-grey skies during their stop in London, and for once we managed to see her in a more colourful light (granted, the colours were mainly from graffiti and cafe signboards). I wonder what the possibilities were for Chris, Trevor, and Christine to stumbled across some of Banksy’s graffiti.


It was the team’s first trip to UK, and in total, there were two couples who traveled to London with him. Trevor and Christine started at Paris, went on to London, and flew back to Hong Kong. Sean and Jess also did Paris and London, and they opted for a third location: Bristol. That was where they had met. After Bristol, it’s back to Singapore for the couple and the team.


More of our London photos will be uploaded after Chris has done his post production. For now, do visit Trevor and Christine’s London Facebook album.

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Chris and the team had completed their Paris trip for this year. Alvin and pre-wedding Samuel had came back from Paris first, after which Chris continued on the journey to London and Bristol. Before I share the images onto our facebook page, here are some snapshots pre-wedding Samuel had taken in this journey.

Here’s where other tourists join in the fun. Everybody’s a photographer, we’ll have to share the love:


And here’s Chris and Alvin sharing a moment:


I will be uploading the behind-the-scenes for Paris in the next few weeks, and trust me when I say it deserves its own album.

In case anyone is wondering why pre-wedding Samuel comes with a pre-wedding tag, that’s because we also have a wedding day photographer called Samuel. To avoid confusion, we call wedding day Samuel, well, “wedding day Samuel”.

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It’s here! The open call for 2012’s Photogenic Couple, Hong Kong and Singapore, is now open. Do remember to submit your couple images to the respective country’s address.


Do remember to submit your couple images to the respective country’s address.

– Resize 1 image of you and your partner to less then 500kb.
– Email it to your respective country:

For Hong Kong couples:
For Singapore couples:

– Along with your details:

Couple’s name:
Contact number:
Wedding date:

(Contest is only open to couples who will be getting married in 2012 or 2013.)

– Deadline for all submissions is 20/7/12. Shortlisted couples will be notified by 31/7/12.


– Shortlisted couples will attend quick photoshoot at our studio on 26/8/12.

Studio address Hong Kong: 2/F, 40A Kimberly Road, Tsimshatsui, Kowloon
Studio address Singapore: 50 Saunders Road, Singapore 228280

– Images will be published on our Facebook page by mid September.

– The number of votes would weigh in on the final decision of who the winning couple will be.


The chosen winners will receive a free conceptual photo shoot and be the models for our Spring 2013 portfolio! The shoot date is advised to be during the first half of 2013, and the concept will also be confirmed then.

For enquiries, please email:
Hong Kong couples –
Singapore couples –

Good luck!

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