I received a call the other day asking if we can cover Robert and Molly’s wedding anniversary celebration. But of course! I replied. Max would be delighted to. When I first saw Robert and Molly to finalise the details, they had also required a photo montage of their years together, starting from vintage photos of their wedding portraits right down to their grandson’s entry to the army. so I asked if I should title it “Robert and Molly’s 25th Wedding Anniversary”. That was when Robert told me it wasn’t 25, it was 50. 50 years! They really do not look their age. It was our privilege to cover Robert and Molly’s celebration, the first gold anniversary event in our 20 years of business.


Robert and Molly, congratulations on your inspirational 50 years of love.


“We are from a time where if something is broken, we fix it, not throw it away.” – Annonymous

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Welcome back Shamus and Celine, the fun and quirky couple that won our hearts, and the Photogenic Couple competition 2011. We arrange for a shoot with them yesterday, with a concept suited to their personalities. What’s more, Kombirocks had kindly agreed to sponsor their beautiful green VW Kombi for the photoshoot.

Now, we’ll have to sit tight and wait for post production to be done.

Next on our Photogenic couple list: Elson and Cindy. Their shoot will be done next week, and we’re intending to do something towards the quaint and elegant direction for them.

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There are many second hand shops tucked in corners of Singapore, and this happens to be Chris’ favourite. An avid fan of old school collectibles, visitors to our studio may have the impression that he really fancies vintage items. Old sewing machines, Coca-Cola glass bottles, gramophone players etc. are scattered across the corners of our settings. Passing by this store inspired him to create the Union Jack (Britian inspired) stage, replacing our previous Victorian Sofa, and accompanying our Oriental Retro attic.

Here’s Eunice, shot by Chris, gracing our setting in all her splendour. Chris really likes his new setting. And yes, there is a version of it in Hong Kong.


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Xiuling and Chek Chai had a pastel themed carnival wedding the past Sunday at the Fullerton, and I had the privilege of attending their dinner. It was truly a wedding to remember, with an abundance of memorabilia for myself to keep.


The fun started during the cocktail reception, and like a primary school girl, I squealed in delight at the amount of activities I could engage ourselves in. There was a candy floss machine and a popcorn stand! Candy floss will always me of the days when I was only as tall as the machine, and I had to tip toe to collect the candy floss from the candy floss maker. The sweets did not stop there, laid out on tables were pastel candies and biscuits that you can “tapao” (pack home) in their paper bags provided. Down to the finer details, each bag was printed with their silhouettes and logo.


Their canvas displays were unconventional, going with beautiful typographical designs of when they met and how it all started. Amidst these enlargements, there was also a blank canvas with a figure drawing of the couple at the bottom. The idea was for guests to finger print the top half with a multitude of colours, these would create the balloons above their heads. Guests can release their own creativity and select from a number of pastel coloured inks to help paint on the balloons with their biographical signature. Brilliant!


For guest books, Xiuling personally created scrapbooks of pastel blues and pinks. She is definitely one who never neglects details, her craft work was superb! Many coloured markers and inks were provided, and as always guests were encouraged to go crazy with their designs.

Xiuling and Chek Chai also had an instant print photo booth, and true to their pastel themed wedding, the backdrop was pin stripes of blue and white. There were a multitude of props, from goofy glasses to pirate hats, I chose the hearts:


And just how detailed were they? Even the door gifts were individually wrapped and signed off.


This was truly an amazing wedding. To Xiuling and Chek Chai, thank you so much for letting me partake in the joy of your wedding! The fun did not end at the cocktail reception, and my belly was  pampered like a queen’s banquet. Last but not least, kudos to the sand animation of your history together, another brilliant idea!

All in all, I remain very impressed that Xiuling executed these ideas, including implementing the decor, without the help of a planner. I still wonder how she managed to juggle her work, and at the same time plan out such a wonderful night for the guests to enjoy.

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We had the privilege to cover Annie Man‘s wedding, which happened to be the first celebrity wedding of the year (Hong Kong). It was held at the Four Season’s yesterday, 2nd March, and Jason and Annie convinced Chris himself to personally step in to cover their actual day. Along with Chief Wedding Day photographer Max Yeo, and the creative from our video team, Alvin (Bernard was also supposed to attend, but he had a Singapore wedding to cover), all the big guns were flown in from Singapore for their event. Everyone working with Jason and Annie felt that it was a breeze, and their personalities simply shone through the lenses.

Jason Lee is a businessman outside the film industry, and having dated Annie for 3 years, the dashing groom popped the question last year. What’s more, they have discovered they are already expecting a little one along the way!

The whole process had the paparazzi following Jason and Annie to their bridal fitting and photoshoots, something rather unheard of in Singapore. Therefore, we found it quite amusing to see our picture frames (which we provided to our boutique partner as part of our marketing exposure) on the internet.

We would like to thank Jason and Annie for engaging us to cover the milestones in their lives, and also to give our heartiest congratulations on their double happiness.

_MG_3070 _MG_3569  A&J-WD116 A&J-WD142 A&J-WD145 A&J-WD160 A&J-WD366A&J-WD425

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It is confirmed, the team is heading of to Seoul in April.

At our last Hong Kong fair, we managed to secure the interest of a couple who wanted to have their pre-wedding portraits done in Korea. Once they were confirmed, a new promotion for Korea opened. It is always exciting to explore destinations the team has not been to.

Full details linked on our News page.


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Extending our sale with a new promotion until the 15th day of Chinese New Year, we are now launching an $888 photography package with our Chris Ling Team from now until 6th February 2012:

Photography by the Chris Ling Team / CL Studio

– Studio and 2 outdoor locations
– 18 images in a 12×12″ album
– CD of the selected images returned

There isn’t a limit to the number of packages for sale, but we would have to strictly adhere to the sign ups being only valid for the next 7 days.

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It’s a new year, and we are enhancing an old client servicing area with a new coffeehouse twist. It would be ready February 2012 onwards as we have yet to add the finishing touches on accent decor and cafe style furnishings (akin to our Hong Kong studio). Once everything is ready, we’ll post up a new batch of studio photography images.


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Our Chinese New Year promotion for 2012 is out!

This year marks Chris’ 20th year, having started in 1993. For 2012, he will be bringing back the same price he charged in 1993, an all image returned package at $2500.

Wedding day photography promotion see our chief photographer, Max Yeo, reduce his price from $3800 to $1993.

Studio/Outdoor Director’s photography by Chris Ling:
SGD2500 with all images returned
– Studio and choice of 2 outdoor locations in Singapore
– 20 images in a 12″ x 12″ album
– CD of the all images returned in high resolution
(Limited: only 8 6 5 0 all packages have been taken up.)

Wedding Day Chief Photography by Max Yeo:
SGD1993 with all images returned
– 10 hour photography service
– CD of all the images returned in high resolution
(Limited: only 8 7 5 4 0 all packages have been taken up.)

Closing date to secure the above promotions is Saturday 21st January 2012.


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We are happy to present to you months of coffee pumped creative brain sizzling and thereafter renovation coordination. Suffice to say, our new studio in Hong Kong is big, and its aim would be to bring the best of every Facebook-liked imagery, like an unintentional survey of sorts. We have created cheeky, vibrant, glamorous, mood, and bold fashion settings amongst others. To summarise, you can be the girl next door who models in high profile fashion magazines, it is all on the same floor. Chris is also excited that we have the luxury of windows to let in natural lighting.

With a new studio comes a new launch, to which we will be featuring studio photography promotions. We will be participating in the Hong Kong fair from 16th December to 18th December 2011, do visit us for more details. We look forward to chatting with you!






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