If you remember Chong Chia Suan, then we are from the same generation. A former local starlet appearing in english drama serials, Chia Suan is now based in the UK. And she’s marrying a Scotsman.

She flew in a couple months back to get her engagement portraits done in Singapore, something that isn’t really popular with our western counterparts. It is comforting to come back to Asian soil. Yes, they will be having a Chinese tea ceremony, I’m guessing it would be over bagpipes in the background.

I heard a theory that sooner or later every nationality would pair up with one another and eventually there will only be one race. Maybe in the 30th century. This theory wasn’t presented to me in a sci-fi novel, in fact I remembered it from a comedian on The Late Show with David Lettermen.



Director’s photography by Chris Ling. Yes, he does remember seeing her on the telly. And in person, Chia Suan has a fantastic personality, she also has gorgeous freckles I would die for.

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We have completed the renovations of our move to a bigger studio in Hong Kong, and our team had just came back from shooting Hong Kong’s photogenic couples at the freshly constructed settings.

Some were replicates of our Singapore studio so that our Hong Kong couples would no longer need to fly into Singapore to experience our studio photography.






Some behind the scenes above, and we’ll get the post produced images and videos posted once we have finished compiling them.

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Our dearest Ernest Goh is launching another book.

The Fish Book.


Seriously. The Fish Book.

And I really like the Fish Book. In fact, like would probably be an understatement. Its whimsical nature doesn’t belie the excellent photography, and that could be why I find it so intriguing. Well, it could also simply be the fact that those fish faces made me happy!


The Fish Book will be launched on the 17th of November at Chan Hampe Galleries (27 Kreta Ayer Road), and the book exhibited until 24th November. Do delight yourself and grab a copy at $27.80.

On another note, here is a glimpse of Raymond and Miin’s wedding covered by Ernest last month.


I’ll be posting up more images onto a facebook album, but there would not be much of the couple themselves as they have requested for a certain amount of privacy.

[Update]: Images posted, do find them here.

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Bangkok – Fashion Editorial by Chris Ling Intl from Chris Ling Photographers on Vimeo.

Bangkok has it’s own beauty doesn’t it? It’s quite an acquired taste, but once you acquire it, you’ll fall in love with the grit and the grey. Shopping, food, parties, people, many of my friends swear by the flavors of Thailand. It’s just different, they say, and it’s addictive. Except for the traffic.


Our team decided, why not. With two clients in tow, one being LeGrand Wedding for their latest fashion editorial, and the other Mr Lau and Ms Cho from Hong Kong, off we go to Bangkok for a shoot.


Mr Lau and Ms Cho had a fabulous time. Eat, shoot, shop, play, party.

The gowns from LeGrand, on the other hand, got lost. Yes, $15,000 worth of lost luggage. So here I was in Singapore, receiving calls from my team in Bangkok, followed by calls from Chris who was then in Hong Kong, all frantic about the gowns. How could the luggage handlers loose a very visible black bag spanning 6 feet (1.8 meters)? For every day the gowns didn’t arrive meant increased expenditure in accommodating the team, and after much arguments with the airline (whose only help was pushing the blame to the luggage handlers), we had to accept that there was nothing to do but wait. The happy ending after 2 days of being flustered was that the gowns did arrive. The relief was relished.

So here’s to Bangkok, the city that insists not to be forgotten. And here’s to another happy ending, Mr Lau and Ms Cho:

Bangkok: Wedding Portraits from Chris Ling Photographers on Vimeo.

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The National Library board is holding Singapore’s first Instagram exhibition at the National Library Building in Victoria Street. They have filtered down from thousands of entries to a collection of 150 works from various local photographers. Alongside the godfather of Singapore blogging, Mr Brown’s, work, our chief photographer, Tennant Lim, was also featured.

Instagram doesn’t have a function to share the images crafted through the application, so I took a screen shot from my iPhone instead.


It does not really do his images justice, but you here are a few ways to see his pictures for yourself. Let’s play “Find Tennant”!

Find Tennant’s work at –

1. Our wedding day website: www.thegallery.com.sg
2. His instagram account: tennantlim
3. His facebook photography page: Tennant Lim Photography
4. Our facebook page with featuring Denis and Linda’s wedding

To end, here are some highlights from Denis and Linda’s wedding, photography black/whites and subtle colours.






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We are proud to announce our 2011 photogenic couple. Or couples rather.

Meet Elson and Cindy:


Being Chris and Skyy’s choice, they may have either a local or overseas shoot in store. We’re currently working on which portfolios we need, including some we have not done for Hong Kong.

Also, meet Shamus and Celine:


Shamus and Celine were hands down the quirkiest, liveliest, wackiest couple. The were the only ones that turned up in costume, and we couldn’t say no to their vibe.

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I was going through archives of Chris’ couples taken from way back when and stumbled across one that he had taken in Zouk dated 2007:


Singapore’s most famous club hasn’t changed all that much over the years, only their playlists are adjusted to suit preferences of the current younger generation. Something which the more mature clubbing folks might not fancy, but then again they would have Velvet Underground to progress on to. This is a little touch of nostalgia on a Saturday evening, at least for those who can recall having spent a little bit of their youths in Zouk. Which, seems like, can apply to quite a number of Singaporeans.

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– Singapore Studio –

We had covered LeGrand Wedding’s newest gown collection of the season, proposing a behind-the-scenes backstage feel for their fashion editorial. This was also done to commemorate our recent addition, a new makeup area. What you see, the bright lights and big mirrors, would be the area for our clients to prep for their shoots, be it pre-wedding or portrait photography. One thing we didn’t bank on was the heat from the lights, and this was rectified by dedicating an air conditioning unit specially for the area.

We’re pretty pleased with the results, and hope you would like it too.

The rest of the images can be viewed on our Facebook album here.

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We have secured a new studio in Hong Kong. And, it will be bigger, measuring at 3000 sq ft.

From our old Sha Tin address, we’re moving to the 22nd floor of Park Building on Castle Peak Road, and the move will be completed at the end of September. Our contact numbers remain the same, so feel free to drop us a line with the same digits.



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We did up quite a few fashion editorials for this month; many boutiques are launching their new season collection and the magazines are in turn preparing for their next quarterly or biannual issue.

The following are three videos we had done up for our August spreads and we still have one more to be published, the creme de la creme entitled Backstage. We will leave an entire post for that, it being our favorite for this season.



Le Noir is a club in Clarke Quay, Singapore, and we had attained their permission to shoot inside. Modern, chic and lush leathers are their choice of decor to calm the working world with bubbles and beer.




The Harley Davidson group in Singapore are really an energetic bunch to work with. We went to their showroom in Alexander Road to shoot men’s wear, and they were thoroughly rock and roll to be around. Maybe it’s the nature of their work, after all, it is Harley Davidson.




This decent sized skating park is located just off the beach, within the bustle of East Coast. We had quite a fair bit of younglings staring at the us, and we’re not sure if they wanted us to finish quickly so that they can start burning the concrete or if they were amused by the sight of an evening wear model in an unlikely venue.

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