A little gif action madness!

Notice that black figure on the 2nd floor of the house at the back,

quite a cartoon.

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We’ve just finished the convocation fair at NTU Singapore which saw the largest number of graduates in their history. Was it fun? The people were. Young and old. Bachelors, Masters, PhDs. And some of them were our previous couples even. So yes, it was tiring, but enjoyable.

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The Wedding Bureau and our studio collaborated recently to organize a contest for couples to stand a chance to win a photography session via voting system on Facebook. The winning couple was Issac and Shirley, and together with gowns from Z Wedding D’sign, shot on location at Seb’s Bistro, flowers by Poppy and makeup by Jovi, we came up with a lighthearted concept: Summer at Seb’s.

Initially, it was planned towards a fashion styled photography, but Seb’s exuded such a cosy ambience in our current heat wave that we had to go for summer colours.

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There are a few milestones in life that one tends not to forget, and graduating is one of them. Most can recall the day their secondary and tertiary exam results were out, and some can even remember all the details from their primary school leaving examinations.

College is one experience everyone would recall well. There will be days where students seem to see no end in research and assignments, and pre-examination cramming over countless coffee refills was quite the norm. The funny bit would be you telling yourself, ‘Get this over and done with!’, only to consider post grad studies on convocation day.

Like how I wish my wedding couples, I can also say to graduates. The journey forward holds endless possibilities, and for today you only need to focus on enjoying the moment that you’ll innately remember. And who says graduation shots are all stiff and stuffy? If you want a riot of a photography session, we’ll be waiting for your call.

The Chris Ling team will be at the NTU Convocation Fair from July 25th to August 1st 2011.



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We did a little side project on top of our weddings to commemorate the Tanjong Pagar Railway Station in Singapore. It had been in operation for 80 years, and it is a really old and dusty station. Old, dusty, crumbling paint, holes in the floor and anything else you can think of that reminds you of the past, and that is the recipe for heritage sites.

Another train station video? Yes, we know, everyone swamped to shoot the train station on the last operating day, and Vimeo has been flooded with videos of the station. Not to mention quadruple the number of photo albums dedicated to the station no one really took a second glance at before. But we couldn’t resist. Alvin had the urge to produce his emo version of grand dames previously forgotten, and he did so at 7am in the morning before the crowd sets in.

If the future, we hope to produce more shorts wedding or non-wedding related. It helps deter against a stagnation of creativity. Unfortunately, adding sideline workloads on top of our client’s videos may prove a little tricky, and rather insane, but crazy is good. It keeps us on our toes.

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Studio photography has not been receiving more credit then it deserves, and his studio is something Chris is rather passionate about. Understandably so since he started his started his company from his 2 storey (now 3 storey) house. It holds many memories, and have seen enough midnight oils burnt to sustain the fuel consumption for a small nation. This studio saw many couples wed, and countless delightful expressions of love and joy, and I do hope it bears memories for all our husbands- and wives-to-be. In fact, we would like to keep studio photography alive so much so that our couples can re-live their memories on all their anniversaries.

Here’s a little article on the studio photography (link here) describing how money can buy equipment, but it can’t buy the craft of lighting. It was because of Chris’ bold move to provide directional and ambient lighting in the 90s, versus the harsh frontal lighting commonly seen in many studios then, that successfully set him apart from the others. It was also during a time where it was assumed such experimentation on wedding portraits were frowned upon, but the assumptions remained assumptions, and they were unfounded. Which is a good thing.

Consider yourself being on the set of a fashion shoot. It would be an interesting experience indeed, especially since all the brain juices and manual labour required in setting up a one-of-a-kind studio in Singapore have already been borne by us.

Facebook album links: Matthew and Huifen, Clarence and Joanne


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Our studio bookings for pre-wedding photography are getting tighter towards the year end. Bookings are full for July and August, with one left for September. October onwards are available.

We had previous emails asking about the availability of our pre-wedding shoot dates for these few months, and we would like to sincerely apologise for not being able to fit your schedule in.

We would also like to deeply thank Joe & Alice and Jai & Tatia for pushing your shoot dates to after your wedding!

A little photo credit on the above pic: Kevin & Agnes. They had tied the knot over the weekend and we hope they had tons of fun. We hope the memories are kept freshly packed in your wedding albums and may the both of you never tire to retell your wedding experiences!

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While some of our Singapore clients are always on the lookout for overseas destinations, we have also found couples from other countries seeking alternatives to their own native soil. Apart from our branch in Hong Kong that sees quite a number of clients taking up our Singapore package, we have also received inquiries from other neighbours as well. The recent cases being Indonesia, Vietnam and Brunei (big hi to Huang Seng and Pei Shi!).

So why not, we thought, to promote this little city nation as a wedding destination photography. We will be flying around the region attending wedding fairs to get a better understanding of what our neighbours would like to see in their albums. For most of the cases, Singapore proved an ideal location due to the accessibility between the city’s business district and the parks and beaches. Well, most of the Singaporean drivers would comment that traffic can be chokingly frustrating during the 7pm rush hour, but the good news is our shoot would have been completed by then.

Head over to the Singapore Tourism Board’s webbie and check out what events would be happening in Singapore. The next big thing would be the F1 Night Race happening in September; photos and fast cars anyone?



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Our photogenic couple 2011 deadline for entries is closing in on the 20th of June, and we thank our current participants for your images! Looking back on 2010’s Reuben and Kelly, here’s a journal of their Ubin concept shoot by our Chris Ling Team (CL Studio). It’s been a long time since anyone shot at Pulau Ubin, it’s rustic temperament is truly old school. From the zinc houses to the jetties, almost nothing changed on the little island.

We arrived at the pier from Changi jetty. Reuben’s binoculars were positioned to pull off an adventure holiday, as if we’re in Timbuktu. But we know we’re not kidding anybody, Ubin is Ubin –


Remember the rental bicycle shop? You cannot have Ubin without the bicycle shop. I remembered during the last decade when I rented their wheels for the trails, the seats were uncomfortably hard. Yes, that has not changed.


Kopi shops, provision shops, childhood tidbits –


New age advertising, concise and no beating around the bush –


Gradually, we moved on from casual to Kelong –


And subtly ended off with Ubin’s undisturbed nature.


Dear Kelly and Reuben, congratulations on your coming nuptials in July. We hope the near heat stroke was worth the fun!

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We’re always on the lookout for new talents and are currently interested in engaging entry level photographers and digital artists. More information on the details linked here.

Our boutique partners need new talents too, they are looking for gown designers and sales personnel. More details linked here.

We have received many applications in the past, and some are rather amusing. So much so that I actually typed out the 3 things not to do when sending in your resume or portfolio. Here, I’ll share them with you:

– If your portfolio exceeds 1mb, consider using a filehosting site (eg. www.yousendit.com) and provide us with the link to download your files. Alternatively, you can also submit your web folio for us to view. Most companies appreciate that you do not send in portfolios sized 20mb or 50mb, our mail servers will reject you automatically.

– For entry level positions, a simple introduction in your email about your interest in joining us is sufficient. Cover letters are necessary for executive and top level positions, but bear it mind to keep it simple. 1000 word essays aren’t recommended as most HR personnel would just go straight to your attachment. Likewise 10 word statements like “Hi heres my resume pls call me back thx : )” does not really put a professional light on yourself.

– Always remember to leave your basic information. Name, age, contact numbers, nationality and residing address. We have received applicants who only listed their names and email addresses along with their work experience. Not knowing if you are male or female, fresh grad or experienced, local or foreign, gives us too little information on whether we can shortlist your application. Furthermore, it would appear rather abrupt to the HR personnel reading it.

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